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Real bd Call Girls Service in Dhaka

In the vibrant city of Dhaka, we take immense pride in presenting our distinguished clientele with an unparalleled experience in the realm of escort services. Our agency stands as a beacon of sophistication and excellence, catering to individuals seeking the finest companions for their various occasions and desires. Welcome to a world where elegance meets companionship – welcome to our esteemed escort services.

Exploring the Multifaceted Selection

Delving into our extensive repertoire, you'll discover a diverse array of companions, each distinct in their allure and background. From the vivacious students who bring youthful exuberance to every interaction, to the intellectual college girls who seamlessly engage in stimulating conversations, we leave no stone unturned in presenting you with choices that resonate with your preferences.

For those intrigued by the mystique of experienced women, our selection also encompasses charming housewives who embody grace and wisdom. Additionally, we are pleased to offer companionship from individuals in the entertainment industry, be it talented actors who infuse charm and charisma or other captivating personas that capture your imagination.

A Symphony of Security and Discretion

In an age where privacy is paramount, we understand the significance of safeguarding your personal space and information. At Golden Escort, we've woven a fortress of security around our services, ensuring that your interactions remain confidential and discreet. Your privacy is not just a consideration; it's our unwavering commitment. Trust us to handle your information with the utmost respect and care, allowing you to revel in the experience without any concerns.

Crafting Professionalism

Golden Escort takes pride in setting new standards of professionalism in the realm of escort services in Dhaka. We have meticulously cultivated an environment that thrives on delivering excellence. Our agency operates with the highest level of integrity, ensuring that your experience is not only enjoyable but also respectful and ethical.

Elevating the Escort Experience

When you engage our services, you are not merely seeking companionship – you are embracing a comprehensive experience that combines luxury, companionship, and security. We go beyond the conventional definitions of escort services, striving to create memories that linger long after the encounter concludes. Whether you're attending a high-profile event, seeking solace in the company of an enchanting companion, or simply exploring the dynamic offerings of Dhaka, our escorts are poised to elevate every moment.

Your Desires, Our Priority

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to companionship. We understand that every individual has unique preferences and desires. That's why we tailor our services to align seamlessly with your aspirations. Our endeavor is to ensure that you are not just satisfied, but thoroughly delighted with your choice. Your desires become our mission, and your satisfaction remains our ultimate goal.

রেগুলার সার্ভিস নেওয়ার জন্য আপনাকে কোন ধরনের অ্যাডভান্স প্রদান করতে হবে না। কিন্তু আপনি যদি রাতে সার্ভিস নিতে চান তাহলে আপনাকে ৫০% টাকা অ্যাডভান্স করতে হবে।

রেগুলার সার্ভিসের জন্য আপনি যদি অ্যাডভান্স দিতে চান তারপরে কোন ধরনের অ্যাডভান্স গ্রহন করা হয় না। সুতরাং অ্যাডভান্স টাকা প্রদান করার কথা বলবেন না। আসবেন সার্ভিস গ্রহন করবেন এবং অর্থ পরিশোধ করবেন।

Ours Escort bd call girl Service In Dhaka City

Feature of our bd call girl service in Dhaka city. Is not only our word it is our commitment to provide the service. You easily enjoy your sex life with our beautiful and sexy escort. 


Escort Service in Dhaka is a Bangladeshi safe and secure trusted High-class VIP fun escort service provider. Also, we are never asking for your personal information. 

Advance Payment

Escort Service in Dhaka is a Bangladeshi safe and secure trusted High-class VIP fun escort service provider. Also, we are never asking for your personal information. 

Friendly behavior

We cater to high-class VIPs, good-looking and beautiful girls. Model and lonely housewife. They are pretty, friendly, well-educated and they will highlight your day for sure

Professional Call Girl

Our escorts are fully professional for work. So, don't worry about her behavior. She is totally conversational about her work. Also, she knows how to satisfy clients. Our call girl is not as useful as bd call girls in Dhaka city. 

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Dhaka Call Girl Service in Bangladesh

We are providing professional and real escort service in Dhaka city. We have our own Escort Service House in Dhaka city. I want to say with confidence that you have entered the right website. Our escort service is limited to Dhaka city. We fully consider the needs of the customer. And Finally, this is the real call girl service in Dhaka city

BD call girl and Escort Service Charge

Your total views will change to observe our facilities. For your Goods, you have given the amount. Our bd call girls are too much friendly, that you never think. For these parts, we may highly ensure to you. You can any complain against our escorts; if they do not use good behave with you. We immediately take action and so on. We ensure to you that our all Bangladeshi escorts are high energy and they are bound to give your full pleasure. against her. Though they are not like that, for your mind doubt, you provide these services only for you. Our all escorts, who will increase your pleasure, with all modern technologies that are you like. We have luxurious residences, that are totally safe for you at all times and none will come to disturb you. AC and non-AC rooms are available for your purpose. In each room we have a luxurious bed attach washroom, television with an internet connection. BD Escort Service provider is also a real agency in Bangladesh.

Regular Call Girl Service

30 Min ( 1 Service )

Tk. 4,000

1 Hour ( 2 Service )

Tk. 6,000

Per Night

Tk 12,000

Premium Call Girl Service

1 Hour

Tk. 30,000

2 Hour

Tk. 40,000

Per Night

Tk. 60,000 to 1 Lakh

Call Girl And Escort Gallery

The escort gallery is not permanent. It will be changing anytime. So, If you think to take the same bd call girl every time is not possible. Because the bd call girl always changes. We update the escort gallery every time but sometimes get let to do it. Also, you can contact us and inquire about a specific girl or not. But it's clear to note the girl is not available in maximum time. So, Don't take hope to get the same escort girl all the time.

বি.দ্র: আমরা ঢাকা শহরের বাইরে সার্ভিস প্রদান করি না। কোন এডভান্স পেমেন্ট করতে হয় না। কল করার সময় সকাল ১০ টা থেকে সন্ধা ১০ টা।

Our Call Girl Profile

Name: Lamia

  • Age: 19
  • Height: 4'5''
  • Body: 32

About Lamia: I'm Lamia, a call girl who believes in authenticity and genuine connections. My journey is all about breaking stereotypes and embracing empowerment through companionship. Beyond the label, I'm an individual with dreams and aspirations. As a call girl, I offer more than physical intimacy – I provide a safe space for open conversations, mutual respect, and understanding.

Bangladeshi Girl Imagess


Opi call girls bd


Tinni Dhaka Escort Girl


Name: Nisha

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 4'2''
  • Body: 35

About Nisha: I am Nisha, a seasoned escort. With a captivating aura, I specialize in crafting unforgettable experiences. As Nisha, I transcend the ordinary, curating moments that linger. My journey is one of empowerment, where I embrace desires and create an oasis of companionship. Beyond physicality, I offer understanding and a listening ear. I am Nisha, an escort in Dhaka

Rumi Dhaka call girl


Esha bd call girls


jayma sex girl bd


Name: Borsha

  • Age: 20
  • Height: 4'6''
  • Body: 36

About Borsha: I am Borsha, a vibrant college call girl in Dhaka. Embracing youthfulness, I offer companionship that transcends boundaries. My journey is a blend of excitement and understanding. As Borsha, I create connections that leave an indelible mark. It's about sharing dreams and creating memories. Challenges inspire my growth, challenging norms with every interaction. This path is my canvas of exploration, where I paint moments with authenticity.

Escort Service Provider Girl


Dhaka call girl


Porshi BD Call Girl


What is bd call girl service?

bd call girl service means who provide the sex service in Bangladesh. bd means Bangladesh and call girl means sex service provider girl. bd call girls are available in escort service house. Also, you hire girls direct in contact with the call girl. Like Esha providing the service personally. You can contact her.

What is escort service?

bd girl and escort service are the same meaning. Have no difference in the meaning. If you want an escort service in Bangladesh Goldenescortbd is the real service provider. So, escort service means call girl service. Rani Roy is an escort girl.

BD Call Girl Service Rate

bd call girl service rate depends on the type of girls. If you want high-class call girls service need to pay 20,000 takas per 1 hour. High-Class Call girls mean university girls, college girls, Models, Actors, etc. This type of call girl is not available all time. If you want their service you must call one day before.


Office -1: Dhanmondi, House: 32/5, Road: 31, Dhanmondi Thana, Dhaka. Phone: +8801821335577


Office-2: Mirpur, House: 31/1, Road: 27, Mirpur Thana, Dhaka. Phone: +8801821335577

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